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Ramirez for the win…or lose?

Brittany @ May 10, 2009 # 3 Comments

Major league baseball superstar Manny Ramirez was suspended on Thursday for 50 games. What to do, what to do…now that one of the highest paid and most popular players in MLB won’t be playing for at least half of the baseball season. (According to, Ramirez will be returning to the game on July 3.) […]

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Washington puts NASA on hold, technological development on hold too?

Brittany @ May 9, 2009 # 2 Comments

The Associated Press released information today that President Obama has ordered an outside review be conducted on NASA’s manned space program, which includes plans for future moon visits. Washington wants the report ready by August, a mere three month’s time for White House science adviser John Holdren and an independent panel to review a laundry […]

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New chewing gum doubles as deodorant

Brittany @ May 8, 2009 # 4 Comments

It appears the Japanese are at it again. From a toilet that cleans your bottom before you can, to some of the most advanced building materials on the planet, the Japanese have come up with some pretty amazing, albeit sometimes strange, inventions. This time it’s a chewing gum that does more than freshen your breath, […]

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Wine: Good today, bad tomorrow?

Brittany @ May 8, 2009 # 6 Comments

First, it was coffee. It’s bad for you. It’s good for you. It’s bad…back and forth, back and forth. One minute it causes your blood pressure to skyrocket its way into the stratosphere, and the next it’s potentially saving your life by lowering your risk for developing diabetes and colon cancer. Good…bad? Well, which is […]

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“Made in China”? Send it back

Brittany @ May 8, 2009 # 3 Comments

Back in 2007, it was a massive recall of toys, dog food and toothpaste that had millions of products taken off the shelves. All of these products shared a stamp that nine out of 10 American household items do: “Made in China.” Today, a new concern has made its way from the East. Is it […]

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Theme park alternatives

andrea @ May 8, 2009 # 3 Comments

Amusement and theme parks are always great places to take the family, but they can be pricey. Many families are faced with the question of what to do this summer when the kiddies start whining about going to Disney World. Here is a quick and easy alternative. What you can do is think about what […]

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Surprise: Michael Jackson sued… again

andrea @ May 8, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Well it’s not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last. M.J. is getting sued once again this time by his “Thriller” love interest: Ola Ray. Ray was a Playboy centerfold and is now 48-years-old living in Santa Monica, Calif. What she wants is the rest of her payments. Supposedly she is […]

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Race car gone green

Brittany @ May 6, 2009 # 2 Comments

According to a report on Fox News, a team of British engineers have designed a race car that runs on a fuel that’s derived from chocolate and is constructed of mostly parts derived from vegetables. It’s got a carrot fiber steering wheel, soybean seeded foam seats, breaks based on cashew nut shells and a body […]

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Save on it all with prepay or pay-as-you-go

Brittany @ May 6, 2009 # 2 Comments

In a time of economic restraint, some have suggested dropping your cell phone to save some cash. Certainly, cell phones can be one of the highest monthly bills, especially for a busy businessperson or text-happy teenager. At first, this may seem like a good idea, shaving off $50 to $500 a month, but what this […]

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Popularity contest: Curve vs. iPhone

Brittany @ May 5, 2009 # 5 Comments

Was it the marketing strategy that Verizon employed, using a buy-one-get-one promotion on the Blackberry Curve that shot sales for the phone in the first quarter of the year, well beyond that of Apple’s outrageously popular iPhone? That’s what one research group thinks.

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