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How Many U.S. Companies are Outsourcing Jobs?

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Outsourcing jobs is a hotly debated issue these days. The elitists think nothing of it and feel it’s only fair that they should be able to turn as big a profit as possible at all costs – even if it’s at the cost of the American economy and America’s jobs. Roughly a year ago a […]

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Why did BP Reject Help by James Cameron?

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Much to the horror of the world, we all sat back on April 20, 2010, and watched with growing unease as one of the worst environmental catastrophes in U.S. history unfolded before our eyes in the media as an explosion rocked the BP-licensed Transocean drilling rig Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. The explosion […]

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PETA is Bringing Animal Abuse to World Attention

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PETA’s animal rights campaigns are far reaching and include such things as ending the use of fur and leather, the consumption of dairy products and meat, hunting and trapping, fishing, factory farming, bull fighting and circuses, just to name a few. Often maligned by their detractors and joked about by late night talk show hosts, […]

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