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  1. Donna Foute November 12, 2009 @ 1:58 pm

    Amen and amen sister. I couldn’t have said it better. Also, President Obama has also said in debates that he doesn’t agree with gay marriage either. (hhhmmmm…. so why hasn’t the public and other (ahem) liberal gone after him as well?!

    (scratches chin and smirks)

Prejean’s back because of her boobies

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Beauty pageant Miss No Offense, But I Ain’t Into Gays (AKA Carrie Prejean) is once again drumming up headlines. This time, though, it’s about the apparently plastic knobs sitting under her chest.

According to American Health and Beauty, the Miss California Pageant has filed a lawsuit against the dethroned pageant princess for failure to repay a loan in the amount of $5,200, a loan provided for Prejean’s breast augmentation. And just to be clear, this is a counter suit in response to Prejean previously filing a lawsuit against the Miss California Pageant for revealing to reporters that her breasts were indeed fake.

Something I find rather interesting about this little tidbit news story is the fact that the only reason the media are all over this and everything else related to Ms. Prejean is because she apologetically offended the gay community. The girl freaking spoke her mind and actually spoke it quite eloquently for a southern California valley girl and the world still can’t get over this woman’s tactful exhibition of…. Wait for it…

Free speech.

The last time I checked, this was still a free country and one that supposedly values the right to free speech so highly that we made part of our very first amendment.

Anyway, so all the gossip news now is covering Carrie Prejean implants, Carrie Prejean Playboy, and overall Carrie Prejean pictures. I guess everyone wants a look at those unnatural boobies so that we can once again dig up more reasons to make the gay community feel better about itself by trashing an otherwise decent American woman.

I’m so over this.

Brittany @ November 9, 2009

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