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Cranky old Floridians

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Florida has been known to be the land of idiots.

As a Floridian, I’d like to think that this isn’t necessarily true, but I can’t ignore the facts. There are some very ignorant and straight up stupid people who live here. Considering that Florida has a very large amount of elderly people, perhaps we can blame it on them.

In this new case, we are definitely blaming it on them.

Kimberly Broffman, 6, has a life that many of us can only dream of, and not in a good way.

Broffman has been living with her grandparents, Judie and Jimmy Stottler, since she was six months old, according to Associated Content. Her mother has a chronic drug problem and she has two siblings who live with other relatives.

The problem is that her grandparents live in a retirement community. (They’re everywhere in Florida.) These communities, like all deed restricted communities, have strict rules. The most strongly enforced of these rules is that all residents must be 55 or older or at least 18.

More than three years ago, the community filed a lawsuit against the Stottlers for having little Broffman there. I mean, it is part of the rules, so the Stottlers put their house on the market.

It’s been there for a while. With their house still on the market and pressure from the homeowner’s association, the Stottlers have nowhere to go and a lot to deal with.

It’s an awful situation and it’s making me embarrassed to be a part of this state. The homeowner’s association clearly knows the situation and they still want to evict this little girl. She could end up in foster care (don’t even get me started on that!) and would be away from her family.

I thought the older you get, the wiser you get. Apparently that’s not true. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

Check out the Today’s Show video of the situation here.

andrea @ October 21, 2009

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