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Advertising Waste: Understanding and Addressing It

admin @ July 13, 2023 # No Comment Yet

Advertising is a crucial element of any business strategy. By creating awareness and interest among potential customers, advertising helps businesses achieve their goals of improving their bottom line and fostering healthy competition. But it can also be a source of significant waste.  Advertising waste is a significant challenge that businesses of all sizes and industries […]

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Google strikes back

Rob @ August 4, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Microsoft has had a long history of trying to do everything and being able to throw enough money at it to get its way.   Microsoft single-handedly took over the personal computing market many years ago with a DOS system to compete with Apple’s Macintosh.  Microsoft built such a dominance over Apple that even with […]

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Bill Gates has too many friends

Rob @ July 26, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Facebook supports athletes and movie stars with their fan groups and friends who hang on every word, and every update from their favorite stars.  Within minutes of an update from Dwight Howard on his Facebook page or his twitter feed, hundreds of comments pour into the Web stream.  It’s crazy the kind of attention we […]

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“Sprite ad” banned, what a joke

Brittany @ July 26, 2009 # No Comment Yet

First the news came that Coca-Cola put a ban on a recent ad for one of its products, Sprite, due to explicit content.

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Facebook 750 million away from one billion

Rob @ July 16, 2009 # 2 Comments

Facebook has gained a lot of popularity and has picked up steam as it competes with Myspace for online social networking supremacy.  Unlike Myspace however, Facebook’s quarter billion proclamation (with Myspace boasting similar numbers) is more substantial than Myspace’s because Facebook has long been tied to more actual users instead of pop-up spam accounts that […]

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Irony at its finest: Get $105 off an iPhone via Microsoft

Rob @ June 23, 2009 # One Comment

BING! Microsoft can do it all, from crushing Sony in a console battle, waging a successful ad campaign against Mac computers, and even generating some interest in its attempt at redemption with Windows 7 after Vista flopped tremendously and sank CompUSA with it. Microsoft’s new attempt at owning the world through stealing Google’s share of […]

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A censor’s worst nightmare: Twitter

Rob @ June 19, 2009 # One Comment

In countries where free press is suppressed and government sponsored news outlets churn out propaganda to keep the masses in check, the public is often kept in the dark about matters that go against the state.  Web sites are routinely blocked, and Internet access in some countries is only available via government supply. Well, that […]

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Scientolo-Wiki no more

Rob @ May 30, 2009 # 4 Comments

Today marks the date of the greatest cyber event of the year. No, it wasn’t on YouTube. It wasn’t even the amazingly well-orchestrated renewal efforts of the TV show Chuck by its devoted fanbase. No, this event is so amazing, it deserves a paragraph all to its own. Today, Wikipedia banned the Church of Scientology […]

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YouTube expanding, print and press shrinking?

Brittany @ May 21, 2009 # 4 Comments

It was already raking in millions of unique visitors each month, even being known for its vast collection of much funny, yet fuzzy, video content. Now it’s getting even bigger. YouTube has not only begun to expand its library of full-length movies and TV shows, but it’s freshening up its advertising and adding several new […]

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