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Former Miss California trades tiara for book deal

Brittany @ July 27, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Carrie Prejean, former Miss California, is yet again back in the news. This time though, it’s not about the latest crude diss Perez Hilton has to spit her way. It’s about a new book deal, as reported on PopEater, where she will discuss all of the cheap, tactless, crass and otherwise ignorant remarks spat her […]

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Separation of church and state: Drawing a boundary

Brittany @ July 20, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Last week, the House of Representatives did a little voting on a pretty touchy subject here in the United States: religion. California Republican congressman Dan Lungren proposed that the words “In God We Trust” and the Pledge of Allegiance be engraved in prominent spots at the Capitol Visitor Center. Cost of the project: nearly $100,000, […]

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Obama speaks of social evolution in repressed Russia

Rob @ July 10, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Obama has a difficult task ahead of him in repairing relations with Russia.   Since World War II, Russia and the United States haven’t been the best of friends, spending several decades in a Cold War until Reagan knocked a brick from a wall and the Soviet Union came crashing down.  Obama has vowed to […]

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School sued over pro-life t-shirt

Rob @ July 7, 2009 # No Comment Yet

A seventh-grade girl went to school on National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day wearing a blue shirt with some letters and pictures on it, just like many kids today go to school wearing shirts with funny slogans and pictures, like stick figure cops chasing donuts.  Except this girl’s shirt wasn’t about a funny slogan. It simply stated […]

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Gays to get more rights, at least the federal ones

Brittany @ June 17, 2009 # One Comment

And gay will enter the headlines, the newsrooms and the White House, yet again, today when President Obama signs a presidential memorandum that granting benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. Expect to see crowds of gays lining up for government jobs after this. (What about all the rest not employed by federal means?)

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Christianity gets kicked out in Oklahoma

Rob @ June 11, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Tulsa, Okla. made the decision that evangelical groups can no longer make use of housing projects to preach Christianity and convert underprivileged children to their faith. The group in question is the Child-Evangelism Fellowship, which, for several decades has worked with underprivileged children, gone in to speak with prison-inmate’s offspring and worked to teach moral […]

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American flag…offensive?

Rob @ June 7, 2009 # No Comment Yet

You don’t mess with Texas. That’s pretty common knowledge among Americans. It probably should be on the immigration exam before getting a visa or becoming a citizen. In fact, it may have helped in this case. A woman in Texas was told to remove her American flag from her office because someone, namely another employee who […]

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