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Republicans: Keeping Fat Cats Rich and Cutting Teacher’s Pay?

admin @ August 3, 2012 # No Comment Yet

As if teachers, police, and fire fighters weren’t already grossly underpaid considering the invaluable services they provide us, this past February Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) announced his intention to reward Florida teachers for their hard work and years of service by providing them with an annual salary cut of $2,335 a year! Yes, you […]

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A decision on Afghanistan please

Rob @ October 4, 2009 # No Comment Yet

October started with a lot of talk in the political sphere about Afghanistan. Conversation went from whether it is even a winnable scenario, to updated counts on the dead.   Since being elected, President Obama has withdrawn much of the military might from Iraq and accelerated the war in Afghanistan, and yet instead of winning […]

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Gay teen club attacked in Tel Aviv, 3 killed, 11 injured

Brittany @ August 2, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Three people were killed and 11 were injured yesterday when a gunman walked into a youth club for gay teens (no, you read that correctly) in Jerusalem (again, yes, you read that correctly) and decided to blow everything full of holes, apparently, especially the people.

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British couple goes to Switzerland for assisted suicide

andrea @ July 16, 2009 # One Comment

It’s often hard to image living without the one you love. Sometimes in old age when one partner passes away, the other dies of a broken heart. British couple Edward and Joan Downes found a way to avoid living without each other: dying together.

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Kim Jong Il meets Karma

andrea @ July 14, 2009 # One Comment

North Korea’s wonderful leader Kim Jong Il, 67, has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer…at least maybe. According to the Associated Press report, he’s not likely to live more than five years. While it’s not quite the justice that millions of people are looking for, its at least a step in the right direction.

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North Korean cyber terrorism

Rob @ July 9, 2009 # No Comment Yet

North Korea has been in the news quite frequently the last few years.  With the nuclear weapons inspections and then the successful test of a nuclear bomb, Kim Jong Il’s failing health, the suspecting proliferation of nuclear material, its long range missile program to its current spat…to a cyber terrorism attack launched against the United […]

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14-year-old sole survivor of plane crash

andrea @ July 2, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Bahia Bakari, 14, and her mother said goodbye to father and husband, Kassim Bakari, as they boarded a Yemeni jetliner in Paris, both beamimg with excitement for their vacation. They were going to Comoros. What Kassim Bakari didn’t know was that it would be the last time he would see his wife alive.

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Iraq uneasy as America departs

Rob @ June 30, 2009 # No Comment Yet

This week marked the start of the transition from the U.S. military control to Iraqi security forces in many cities in Iraq.  The American troops are largely withdrawing to the big bases, leaving many Iraqi’s wondering what will become of their lives now that the American presence is gone.  Watching the media outlets from around […]

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Italy’s Prime Minster gets what he wants

andrea @ June 25, 2009 # One Comment

We all know too well about how our politicians are finding themselves mixed up with “call girls” recently, their aides or random women in Argentina, which leads to them ruining their marriages and making themselves look like total pervs. It happens every day here in the U.S., and we get it from all media forums. […]

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Obama’s Iran stance upgrades from frownie face to shaking finger

Rob @ June 25, 2009 # 2 Comments

Once upon a time, we had a President from whom we knew exactly what to expect.  He may not have been the brightest bulb in the barn, but he stood by what he said and did what he said.  Many of his decisions ended up being questionable at best, others flat out wrong, while some […]

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