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Yankees on the verge

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The New York Yankees have long sought to add to their already massive collection of World Series trophies, with No. 26 being won back in 2000.  Trying to add the 27th title to their franchise total has long eluded the Bronx Bombers, even with their massive payroll and unheard of concentration of talent.  Years ago, through acquiring Johnny Damon and Alex Rodriguez, many Yankee fans hoped that the few years without a title would be over.  Six years have gone by since A-Rod collected the largest paycheck in Major League Baseball history, and they’re still waiting.

Not for much longer.

The Yankees pulled away from the Phillies in game four of the World Series, led by Johnny Damon’s crucial at-bat that turned into a double steal to A-Rod capping off a furious rally to drop three runs on the Phillies in short order, putting the Yankees up for good 7-4.  Mariano Rivera then did what he does best: close the game.

In a post season consisting of A-Rod beating his demons as well as A-Rod leading the Yankees through the first two rounds against the Twins and Angels, the Phillies did an excellent job of keeping him quiet, even if it required the pitchers to hit him three times with pitches, one in the first inning of game four.  That last hit may have been what awoke the sleeping giant and sparked the end of the Phillies’ reign as World Series Champions

Rob @ November 2, 2009

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