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Money talks: violent video games are here to stay

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Say what you want about violent video games but they’re here to stay. Don’t believe me? Look at the sales record for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This video game proved itself as the most anticipated, pre-ordered game in the history of video games.

According to a review by Kevin Kelly on, “The global conflict centers on a full-scale war that whisks you through characters and exotic locales at a dizzying pace, and that’s the heart of the campaign’s only real stumbling block: It has so much story to tell that, at times, it feels far too frantically paced.”

Basically (for those of us who know nothing about video games and the like), when you play this game you have a big gun and you do a lot of shooting. Let me put it another way for you: I know when my roommate is playing this game…because I hear gun shots coming from his room.

Still this M-rated military game, which was released on Tuesday, earned $310 million in opening-day sales alone. According to Daniel Terdiman, a blogger for CNET news, 4.7 million copies were sold in the United States and the U.K. alone in order to break this record.

Just to put this in perspective for you, The Dark Knight made $155 million in the opening WEEKEND. The next top-selling video game was Grand Theft Auto IV which also made $310 million in first-day sales worldwide. (Modern Warfare made $310 million in just the U.S. and U.K.)

So, for those of you who are against violent video games, you may not want to join the millions of people who have purchased this game. I’m not into video games so much, but for those of you who are… What do you like about this game? Why is it so popular?

andrea @ November 12, 2009

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