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Evil, sinister, deadly… High fructose corn syrup: not as bad as the bandwagon thought?

Brittany @ October 6, 2009 # One Comment

I’m sure you’ve seen it. The commercial with a bunch of little kids on stage performing a third or fourth-grade play for an audience full of parents, dressed as green, red and orange vegetables and fruits. Everything is sweet and cute until suddenly, out of the corner of your eye (or screen) you notice the […]

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Wine: Good today, bad tomorrow?

Brittany @ May 8, 2009 # 6 Comments

First, it was coffee. It’s bad for you. It’s good for you. It’s bad…back and forth, back and forth. One minute it causes your blood pressure to skyrocket its way into the stratosphere, and the next it’s potentially saving your life by lowering your risk for developing diabetes and colon cancer. Good…bad? Well, which is […]

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