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Cover your mouth, young man!

andrea @ May 15, 2009 # 2 Comments

There’s nothing quite as disturbing as following the little particles from a sneeze to find they’re covering everything around you. Coughs are even worse because you usually can’t see the particles flying around. I guess we needed a scientific study to remind us that when we sneeze or cough, nasty stuff comes out. In a […]

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Hydroxycut…cut it out!

andrea @ May 14, 2009 # 3 Comments

In current breaking news we learned that dietary supplements are unhealthy. The one in the limelight today is Hydroxycut, a supplement used by people looking to lose weight or tighten muscles. After causing liver damage in many people and at least one death, the FDA decided to encourage people not to use it. They announced […]

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A love letter of silicone proportions

andrea @ May 13, 2009 # 2 Comments

Dear Silicone, Wow! We sure have come a long way. I remember when all you were used for was helping me cook in the kitchen. You have always made such a great spatula. You also always do a great job as a caulk or sealant so I know that I could trust you with anything. […]

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New chewing gum doubles as deodorant

Brittany @ May 8, 2009 # 4 Comments

It appears the Japanese are at it again. From a toilet that cleans your bottom before you can, to some of the most advanced building materials on the planet, the Japanese have come up with some pretty amazing, albeit sometimes strange, inventions. This time it’s a chewing gum that does more than freshen your breath, […]

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Tanning bed leaves 10-year-old burned, mom burning mad

Brittany @ May 4, 2009 # 2 Comments

According to a recent report by Fox News, a 10-year-old girl in England suffered burns on 70 percent of her body. The cause: an unmanned tanning bed. Apparently, the girl’s mother gave permission because the girl was “curious.” The full report on this story never mentions the accountability of the mother. The harmful, if not […]

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Pork story a little overcooked?

Brittany @ May 4, 2009 # No Comment Yet

The new strain of the swine flu virus can finally live up to its name. Pigs on a farm in Alberta, Canada were confirmed on Saturday with the infection. This is the first known case of pigs having the virus. According to Fox News, a farm worker back from Mexico is the apparent cause. Fox […]

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From “Who’s My Baby’s Daddy?” to preventing teen pregnancy

Brittany @ May 3, 2009 # 2 Comments

Maury Povich’s daytime talk show is joining a national campaign to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy in young adults. Interesting idea coming from a show that gained the mass of its popularity in recent years with the type of episode known as “Who’s My Baby’s Daddy?” The effort by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen […]

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Top 10 Ways to Prevent Swine Flu

Brittany @ May 1, 2009 # One Comment

Only days ago, the swine flu was confirmed as having reached Spain, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Israel, with the virus suspected in many other nations as well. Symptoms include many of those associated with the common flu, such as nausea, coughing, sore throat and fever, symptoms that could lead, and have led to […]

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Swine Flu Is Not Only about Pigs!

editor @ April 30, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Everyone is talking about recent development of a swine flu these days. People are scared to eat pork and be around cute pink little piglets. In fact this is not just a swine flu at all. Surprised to hear this? Do not be! According to Scientific American, new flu outbreak has elements of PIG, BIRD […]

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