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New chewing gum doubles as deodorant

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It appears the Japanese are at it again. From a toilet that cleans your bottom before you can, to some of the most advanced building materials on the planet, the Japanese have come up with some pretty amazing, albeit sometimes strange, inventions. This time it’s a chewing gum that does more than freshen your breath, it freshens your whole body.

According to, a new “functional candy” product known as Fuwarinka scented gum contains aromatic compounds that cause skin to release such scents as “Fresh Citrus” and “Fruity Rose” for up to six hours after chewing. For those more masculine chewers, a “Rose Menthol” scent is also available.

So if you’re looking to freshen your breath or just flat out beat B.O. altogether, this new Japanese innovation in the fight for an overall better body smell might be what you’re looking for.

Weird, yes, but apparently it works.

Brittany @ May 8, 2009

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