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9-year-old’s book to become movie

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Fox has recently purchased the film rights to the book “How to Talk to Girls” by Alec Greven, age 9. Greven has also written the books “How to Talk to Dads” and “How to Talk to Moms.”

Greven, of Castle Rock, Colo., said he noticed that a lot of boys at his school were having trouble talking to girls so he decided to make a pamphlet to help. This pamphlet was sold for $3 at the school’s book fair and quickly became the best seller.

In “How to Talk to Girls” he writes, “Some girls are coldhearted” and “pretty girls are like cars that need a lot of oil.”

Greven also recently finished a children’s book on… Watergate. Perhaps next he can write a book about the current economic situation or “How to be Successful before You’re 13.”

andrea @ May 3, 2009

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