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A decision on Afghanistan please

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October started with a lot of talk in the political sphere about Afghanistan. Conversation went from whether it is even a winnable scenario, to updated counts on the dead.  

Since being elected, President Obama has withdrawn much of the military might from Iraq and accelerated the war in Afghanistan, and yet instead of winning either war, he seems to be flooring the gas pedal while holding the emergency brake on an icy road.  He’s tried to do everything at once and not progressed any significant agenda to a stage where it has a chance to flourish and develop.

Afghanistan, unlike the economy and health care, kills people when mistakes are made.

A friend of mine by the name of Sgt. Robert D. Sanchez was a serviceman killed Oct. 1 by an IED in Afghanistan.  He was a soldier who had the respect of his friends, family and those who were lucky enough to have known him.  As an American, he believed in a free way of life and spreading freedom to those who have been oppressed.

But while he and the men and women in the military live day to day, unsure if they will see the next, we have the White House and all of Obama’s ‘Czars’ and advisers wavering on what the correct course of action is and dragging their feet on making a firm decision. Obama ‘made the decision’ to go into Afghanistan stronger, yet backed off when things got a little ugly and as many a Democrat before him, he’s playing off media reaction and the supposed response the public has.

Essentially, he’s trying to lead a war like he’s playing chess with no timer.

I’m sorry Mr. Obama, but either you support the soldiers you put there or you pull them out.  America does not fight the war like the Chinese where every other soldier gets a gun and the other gets a chopstick.  A better course of action might have been to decide whether the Afghan people even want freedom like America, or whether their oppressive Holy Law is better suited for a people of their beliefs.

At least then we’d know what Americans are dying for.

Rob @ October 4, 2009

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