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A-Rod beating his demons

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The Major League Baseball playoffs kicked off with a bang, and several teams have already met their demise to better playing and far superior teams.  The Angels rocked and rolled through their series, easily dismantling the Red Sox and sending them back home to Boston to nurse their wounds just as they did during the near-century of the Curse of the Bambino.  The Yankee’s found similar success in the slow start but ultimately huge ends to every game against the Minnesota Twins, easily showing the difference between a team riding on a surge and another team built upon poise and consistency.

The biggest story, however, is the performance of A-Rod.  Suddenly, the most talented and rich player in baseball who was best known for his post-season collapses is coming through in a big way.

Now with the first round done for the Yankees, the days off and in between have been very hard for reporters to find A-Rod to get him to create more gossip fodder as he has done every year in the past with questionable comments.  A-Rod seems to be in control of not only his game, but his mouth, but has his game ever been a problem?

Other players have had their bad games, but no one has been more crucified than Alex Rodriguez, and especially this year.  It started with a steroid scandal, then hip surgery, and the building anticipation of his return.  It seems that he came back with the right message in his first at bat, knocking a home run out of the park that set the tone for the rest of the season.

A-Rod is beating his demons, with a baseball bat, and leading the Yankees to their most promising post-season in recent years.

Rob @ October 16, 2009

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