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Abdul might not stay for new season of Idol

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Paula Abdul, known for being the “nice” judge on American Idol (what isn’t nice next to Mr. Mean-mouth Simon Cowell?), might not be returning to the show next season, according to a recent report from the Associated Press.

I personally do not blame Paula. Ever since all the negative attention she received after doing some episodes for a new show — another one of those “reality” TV shows that follow celebrities in their day-to-day routine — I’d want to get myself out of the spotlight too.

(Reminds me of another famous somebody as of late that seems to be shying away from the spotlight, and for much the same reason. Does, “I can see Russia from my backdoor…” ring a bell?)

Then again, Paula plays an important part of the American Idol judge team.

Simon, of course, tells it like it is; the good the bad and the butt ugly. Randy’s more a middle of the line person who’s not as harsh as Simon, but not nearly as sweet as Paula. And as of this latest season, there’s the newly added Kara DioGuardi, who I simply cannot stand. To me, the woman comes off as straight up stuck up. It was also rumored that DioGuardi was brought in to replace Paula, a way to ease the audience into her departure, but of course that was never confirmed.

Although we know some of those people on that stage really can’t cut it, Paula always makes sure to never step over someone’s feelings. When there’s seemingly no compliments in sight, Paula finds one in a hat, a hairstyle or a hug.

I honestly don’t know if American Idol will be same without her, and more importantly for Fox, if the show will bring in as many viewers.

Brittany @ July 20, 2009

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