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Billy The Hurricane Slayer

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Apparently, when you’re rich and smart, there is no limit to what you (think you) can do. Let’s take Mr. Bill Gates for example. Gates is responsible for the multi-million dollar Microsoft Corporation and just came up with another idea.

This Microsoft founder wants to become a…wait for it…“hurricane slayer.”

For anyone who has experienced a hurricane, the devastation caused by one is fully known. So, Bill Gates The Hurricane Slayer could prove to become pretty handy.

According to USA Today, a patent application was made public by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office, and it belonged to Mr. Gates.

Gates’s idea for calming the storms is to put huge tubs into the ocean, with pipes that will drain warm surface water deeper into the ocean while sucking cool water to the surface. For those of you who don’t know, hurricanes are made stronger by warm surface waters.

(One positive thing that could come of this is the creation of more jobs to put this ridiculous idea into motion.)

The Tampa Bay Times reported that hurricane expert Kerry Emanuel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said, “If enough pumps are deployed, it is reasonable to expect some diminution of hurricane power.”

If the application is accepted, Gates and co-creators will receive the patent for 18 years. They plan to sell insurance to coastal residents to offset the cost.

Thanks Mr. Gates. Just because you have plenty of money doesn’t mean that everyone living on the coast wants to pay for your idea.

andrea @ July 24, 2009

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