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School sued over pro-life t-shirt

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A seventh-grade girl went to school on National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day wearing a blue shirt with some letters and pictures on it, just like many kids today go to school wearing shirts with funny slogans and pictures, like stick figure cops chasing donuts.  Except this girl’s shirt wasn’t about a funny slogan. It simply stated “ABORTION” in bold letters, with three pictures underneath: a small fetus with the caption growing; a larger fetus with the caption growing, and the last a black box with the caption gone.

The shirt portrays a tremendously controversial topic in America these days, the moral dilemma between pro-life and pro-choice.  It is in the girl’s right to wear the shirt that clearly has political and ethical intent, and she should be applauded for having the courage and understanding to wear the shirt at her age.  The free will we are all gifted with is an important tool that far too many American’s opt not to use, and those that do are subjected to the restraint imposed by the close-minded, more ‘educated’ jokers that are in charge of the system.

These jokers at this girl’s school told the girl she was never allowed to wear the shirt again.  They allegedly forced her out of the cafeteria, threw away her food, dragged her to the administration office and told her she couldn’t wear the shirt again to school.  Not because she was promoting drugs or sex on a shirt, which kids do wear to school these days, but because she was expressing something important, something that the administrators used their heavy handed tactics and deemed it inappropriate. This is all while 10-year-old girls walk around elementary schools with their thongs showing and muffin tops bulging.

If a pro-life shirt is offensive, then crosses, rings, Obama t-shirts, Bibles, long hair, facial hair, and school served swine need to be shown the door as well.

Rob @ July 7, 2009

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