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Death of DJ AM

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DJ AM was one of the hottest acts in the night club scene for the last several years.  People heard his music and marveled at his ability to take music from different ends of the musical spectrum and mix them together in a “mash up,” creating a completely different sound and adding distinction to his brand of DJ mixing.  He had been in the game for several years and commanded the attention that many upstart jockeys can only dream of attaining over a long career.  From being a former member of Crazy Town, to dating some high profile celebrities like Nicole Richie and Mandy Moore, he earned his quasi-fame at the B-list.  He was also known for his bariatric surgery, fights with depression, his very well paid services as a DJ (where he earned $10,000 plus a night at different clubs around the country) and most recently, his survival in a plane crash involving Blink 182 member, Travis Barker.

But DJ AM’s time at the top is over.

DJ AM, who’s real name is Adam Goldstein, died at the age of 36.  Police found his body in his apartment on Friday.  It is speculated that drug use may have been the cause of death but nothing is certain.  Goldstein has had problems with cocaine addiction in the past and has battled depression, leading to a precedent for his behavior is drug use turns out to be the cause of death.

It is a shame that such a musical talent should succumb to such a fate after a high profile career and cheating death in a plane crash.

Rob @ August 28, 2009

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