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  1. Josh May 15, 2009 @ 2:26 am

    Well, the problem really is PEOPLE. They pick degrees that are useless. For example, Forensic Science. Every Police dept has about 6 forensic investigators. An opening is RARE since people go to college, get hired, and stay until they retire. Yet 80 something people graduated two weeks ago from the local university with a Forensics degree and thats not counting the rest of the Universities that offer the program. How many people would have to retire to accommodate the hundreds if not thousands of alumni that just graduated with the same degree. Think about it!

  2. andrea May 16, 2009 @ 8:08 pm

    People certainly do pick useless degrees. Isn’t there something to say about following your heart?

    I guess initially, with your first degree, you follow your heart. Then after the first measly paycheck, you change your mind.

Desperate for jobs

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It’s not surprise that our economy is not at its best. It’s also no surprise that because of it, many people have changed their careers. Maybe you’re even thinking about doing it.

Many people throughout the country are desperate for jobs and are going back to school to pursue something else. This isn’t surprising. What is surprising are the top five fields that people are switching to. According to the New York Times these are: not-for-profits, information technology, nursing, teaching and real estate.

There really are only two that make much sense. Information technology and nursing seem like logical choices but the rest of them… not so much. Desperation can make people do funny things. This is an example.

With schools letting go of teachers, the real estate market in the dumps and people no longer donating to not-for profit organizations these all seem a bit strange. Still, they are the top fields that are getting new converts each week.

Maybe if everybody decides to switch into these five careers then the rest of us will actually be able to have jobs.

andrea @ May 4, 2009

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