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Talk about a gangster’s paradise

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It feels to good to be a gangster, especially when no one suspects you are. Just ask Alex Sanchez.

Sanchez is the executive director of the anti-gang group Homies Unidos, in Los Angeles. Homies Unidos’s general objective is “to support the prevention of social violence, rehabilitation and construction of a culture of peace among the Central American community through the implementation of prevention-intervention programs and strengthening families.” It is a group originally founded in El Salvador that Sanchez decided to open a branch with in Los Angeles.

The group has helped children stay out of trouble and has even been responsible for some ex-gang members removing tattoos.

Precious, huh?

What’s even more precious is that SeƱor Sanchez was arrested under federal racketeering charges. He (allegedly) had conspired to kill a rival. Included with him are 23 others, all of whom are (supposedly) part of a gang associated with the Mexican Mafia known as MS-13.

According to the Associated Press, Sanchez is being tried for seven murders, eight conspiracies to commit murder, and gun and narcotics offenses since 1995. It was in 2006 when he returned from El Salvador and turned from his gangster ways…or so he said.

The indictment says Sanchez goes by Rebelde (or rebel as you probably could have guessed) and was a shot-caller. He had called the hit on his “rival” to increase his position in the gang. All involved can face up to 25 years in prison unless murder is in the mix. And if it is, that brings the death penalty into the picture.

As for Homies Unidos, its site “will be back soon.” Authorities haven’t been able to link anyone else associated with the non-profit group to MS-13.

andrea @ June 26, 2009

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