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Iowa girl wins U.S. texting title

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Just when you thought that “sexting” was the latest in text messaging, a 15-year-old girl from Des Moines, Iowa brings home $50,000 and a flashy new cell phone for winning the U.S. texting title.

That’s right, there’s now a competition that tests competitors on their texting abilities. Some of the challenges include texting blindfolded and texting while making your way through a moving obstacle course, according to Yahoo News.

Of course, this was nothing for the young Iowa girl, named Kate Moore. She sends, on average, 14,000 text messages per month. (Her parents probably thank God every night for their unlimited text messaging service.) That’s between 400 and 470 texts a day.

And if you were about to ask (because I know you were thinking it), Moore disagrees on the idea that she spends too much time texting, backing it up with the fact that she continues to get good grades and performs well in school, even though her parents have been known to take her phone away from time to time.

As for the competition, it’s actually in its third year, and is sponsored by LG Electronics Inc.’s mobile-phones division, though it is the first year it was held on a showy sound stage surrounded by TV cameras. All competitors were 22 years of age or younger.

Quick! Grab your cell phone and start texting. It could be your ticket to financial freedom, a new cell phone and maybe even carpal tunnel.

Brittany @ June 17, 2009

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