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Iran, iprotested

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Iran has been a hot topic since the country’s widely contested election.  Even with the Ayatollah ordering the people to shut up and accept this fraud as the “Will of Allah,” it seems the people of Iran have discovered their voice.  Oppression works only so long, and if the turmoil continues to spread through this tightly controlled country, Iran’s days of oppression may soon be at an end.

The Associated Press reported on the Revolutionary Guard being used to disperse mobs with tear gas and live rounds fired into the sky.  It has also come out that the civilian clothed militia Iran employs has gone into the crowds and is suspected to be responsible for several deaths that have taken place since the election through the dirty killings of protesters, such as a video circulated on the Internet this week of a woman who bled to death at a protest after being shot by the government militia.

Her name was Neda Agha-Soltan.  Sadly, she wasn’t even part of the protest.  She was driving when her car was stopped by the traffic created by the protest.  She exited the car and was shot.  The video shows her laying in a pool of her own blood, with it gushing out of her mouth as she dies.

She became an unintentional martyr to the outside world.  To the Iranian people, her death fueled renewed anger at the government and put a face on their struggle for the world to see.

And that’s exactly what it is, a struggle, and the largest Iran has seen since the Islamic Revolution, and I’m afraid that if a resolution isn’t found soon, the next Iranian Revolution will be well on its way.

Rob @ June 23, 2009

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