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Jackson family requests second autopsy, Rev. Jackson reports

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Coming as no surprise, Michael Jackson’s family has requested a second autopsy be performed on the pop king because of all the unanswered questions surrounding his death. Some of those questions: Was it a drug overdose? Did the doctor have anything to do with it? Was it a suicide?

All this coming from, no, not the Jackson family, but Rev. Jesse Jackson, according to the Associated Press.

The reverend apparently visited the Jackson family on Friday in Los Angeles and delivered this news to the press on Saturday.

The last time I checked, the only thing Rev. Jackson shared with M.J.’s family was a last name and some celebrity status.

It appears Michael’s family is just too grief-stricken to deliver the news themselves, thus allowing a preacher to do it for them.

County medical examiners completed the initial autopsy on Friday and reported no indication of foul play. It’s also going to take weeks before we get any real answers, the coroners said.

Jackson’s body has been released to his family, as of Friday, but no one has a clue where, when or by whom this second autopsy will be.

Other questions also abound, such as what will happen to Jackson’s famously infamous Neverland Ranch. Some say Lisa Marie Presley will step in and do something, with all the “I just wanted to help him” reports in the news, what she has to say in relation to her second ex-husband’s death. Maybe she’ll turn it into something similar to Graceland, but with more of a circus-like, sideshow-type attraction. Who knows?

Brittany @ June 28, 2009

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