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Jon and Kate: Gosselins going for the green?

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To get the latest news on what TLC has dubbed “America’s favorite family,” just take a quick scan of the covers and headlines of the majority of those grocery line gossip magazines on your next grocery grab to see for yourself. The controversy surrounding the famous family known for their TV show Jon and Kate Plus Eight, has grown so much it’s almost shadowing the size of the family.

First there were the rumors about Jon cheating on Kate with a scandalously young schoolteacher. Next it was Kate cheating with the dashing, salt-and-pepper-haired family bodyguard. Now it’s (finally) about the children and whether or not Jon and Kate are deciding to stick with the show just for the money.

And what exactly do I mean by money? You may have to grab a chair for this one. The Gosselins have reportedly been banking between $25,000 and $50,000 an episode, with seasons running upwards of 40 shows. Somehow I don’t think college – even for eight youngsters pondering the possibility of Harvard – will be a problem.

It’s true that every tirade, tear, tantrum and tickle is filmed for the show. Could this be harming the children? Some psychiatrists, particularly one that contributed to an article written about the family by Fox News, says most definitely.

Others point to the fact that many child stars didn’t turn out so hot. Off the top of my head, I can think of plenty myself. There’s a very dead River Phoenix (drugs), a cute but crazy Corey Feldman (drugs), the both famous and infamous Danny Bonaduce (drugs/alcohol…prostitution?), the Home Alone, hand-to-the-face-slapping Macaulay Culkin (drugs), and Terminator 2’s tough teen, Edward Furlong (drugs).

I really can’t picture the little Gosselin’s going down any of those roads, but one never knows anymore today. Either way, I think the media should stick to their latest clutch with this one and keep it about the kids.

Brittany @ May 31, 2009

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