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Laptop wars

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The last several months have seen Microsoft and Apple launching creative ad campaigns that have heated up the rivalry between the two giants.  Apple’s commercials launched after the horrible failure that was Windows Vista and showed Apple to be the easier, more user-friendly choice for laptops and computers based on operating system alone.  Apple has strong advantages in several categories, from a much better operating system and more efficient machines in general.

But with the recession in full swing, Microsoft has played its cards well, and after its initial “I’m a PC” campaign, their new laptop hunters ad campaign has Apple rocked back on its heels.  

The ad campaign shows customers walking into various electronic stores hunting for a laptop on a strict budget, with the customers often walking up and testing the Apple machines and deciding that for the money, they weren’t worth it.

In truth, Apple has overpriced machines.  The only thing Apple has ever made that was easily affordable was its iPod Shuffle.  

Apple also lacks in innovative technology, where the PC market has flourished and Apple only offers a few models for their systems and configurations where literally anything is possible on the PC front.  Microsoft’s ad campaign capitalizes on these points of interest and draws focus on the cost of what the customer is getting.  

Yes, Apple makes better quality software and has a much stronger operating system design, but the question Microsoft is asking in their ads is simple: Is Apple’s user-friendly nature worth the extra $1,000 over a PC that sports hardware that eclipses anything Apple can do with a laptop currently?

Rob @ July 18, 2009

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