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McNair killed by his own bad choices

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No doubt about it, the death of anyone is an unfortunate thing. Some people die from chance or old age, and some bring it upon themselves.

Take for example Steve McNair.

McNair, 36, was quarterback for the Tennessee Titans for the majority of his career. He was married to Mechelle McNair and they have four children together. He was also in a relationship with Sahel Kazemi, 20, who got mad at him one night and decided to kill him… then herself.

Now, subtract the second sentence of that last paragraph and maybe it would be a sad story. It might make your heart break a little but delving further into this case you might discover that this one really doesn’t.

Yes, it’s horrible when anyone loses their life, especially when they leave a family behind. Still it’s impossible to not entertain the idea that McNair brought this upon himself.

In a news release from the Nashville police, the two deaths were ruled as murder-suicides. The news release includes quotes from those close to Kazemi, who say she felt her life was spiraling out of control and that she should “just end it.”

She was facing mounting money issues and believed that McNair was cheating on her (not with his wife but with another young woman). The girl was stressed out, understandably. She had been arrested a few days before for a DUI. Life is tough when your 20 years old and are beginning to realize you’re not quite prepared to be an adult.

So, Friday night she purchased the gun and then early Saturday morning it all happened. While McNair was asleep on the couch, Kazemi shot him multiple times before shooting herself.

It may sound heartless to say that McNair got what he deserved. Still, you can’t argue that if McNair would have acted more responsibly, this entire situation may not have happened. He was the adult after all.

andrea @ July 10, 2009

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