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Memorial service mayhem for M.J.

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The recently deceased King of Pop will have his final performance – more or less – on Tuesday, as tickets for a memorial service in his honor in Los Angeles is set to take place on Tuesday. The New York Times reported that the city had such a strong flux of fans hit up the Web for tickets, it’s not sure it’s going to be able to handle the masses with enough police and resources when it happens.

The Jackson family announced the service at the downtown Staples Center arena, but had in mind a lottery idea, which they promoted. Fans would get 17,500 free tickets reserved for them at the arena and the nearby theater. However, as fans piled into the area, the Web site set up for whole thing failed…and more than once. Almost 500,000 people were registered by the afternoon, the only way to get the tickets, with winners set to be notified on Sunday.

The city is recommending watching the event from a home television.

Good idea.

And, of course, many without tickets are complaining and saying they’re simple going to go anyway.

The media have been so strong on this story for going on two weeks now, it would be nice for M.J. to finally get some peace and quiet, though I highly doubt that’s going to happen after Tuesday and this Jackson memorial service mayhem. I don’t plan on holding my breath to wait this one out.

So, I’ll just get it out now.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson. June 25, 2009. You will forever be remembered.

Brittany @ July 4, 2009

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