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Obama: The Joker?

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A ton of posters portraying our president as the Joker (“Holy latent laughter, Batman!) have been showing up on the walls of buildings, on telephone poles and on the streets of one state recently. Surprisingly, this state is known to be one of our country’s most liberal.

And the prize goes to…

California, and more specifically, Los Angeles, as reported by Fox News.

The posters show Obama’s face covered in white with his eyes blacked out in smudgy rings, and a bright red smile painted on his lips, smile lines extra long and curled around his cheeks. It looks absolutely creepy.

Could it be that our great nation is finally realizing its mistake last November in electing him? Perhaps.

Could this also have something to do with the recent issue regarding socialized health care? I think yes.

According to the report from Fox, we still have no idea on where the posters are coming from, just as we have no clue if it’s the Democrats or the Republicans.

Gee, I wonder which party it could be?

The answer may seem likely as Republicans, of course, but that may not be true. With this health care reform Obama’s trying to force through Congress, many people are worried, both Democrats and Republicans, about where this could possibly take us in the future, if passed. And many are crying socialism.

There are many pros and cons to this reform. It just depends on what you believe in and where you moral ground lies. It does, however, appear in this case that those in support of the cons to this health care mess are a little friskier than those who support it.

Brittany @ August 4, 2009

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