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Obama’s health plan woes

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The keystone for Obama’s legislative docket was to pass his healthcare bill.  The goal is to offer government sponsored health insurance to help cover the 40 million plus people without any insurance at all, and also compete against insurance companies to keep costs down.  The plan looks great on paper and Obama has sworn he will get it passed before the end of the congressional year; a promise that may make or break public opinion of the man.

Public opinion has already dropped for the president’s plan, falling under 50% for the first time since it was sent to Congress.  The main concerns opponents have for the plan are the potential increases in the federal deficit beyond its already astronomical proportions as well as lowering the quality of health care in the United States (something Canadians and other socialized medicine states have had problems with) to a standard of what most HMO’s offer: as little as possible.

America has had expensive health care, it’s true.  Many people complain saying that it isn’t worth it or that hospitals essentially rob the sick with their fees.  That may be true, but in the end, Americans can still find health care services when they need them, and expect a higher standard of treatment than a bandage and an ice pack.  Where socialized health care makes health care affordable, it also makes it less obtainable, with some people having to wait several weeks for treatment.

In the end, the question that determines this bill’s success or failure is one of practicality: Does inexpensive health care mean more than quality health care?

Rob @ July 21, 2009

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