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Pizza deliveryman turns hero

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According to an article reported by AOL News, Chris Turner pulled up to a log cabin, pizza in tow, expecting a routine delivery. When he arrived, payment went by as usual with the customer signing the credit slip and the pie changing hands, except, unlike every other delivery, a woman on the couch in the background sat up, showed the pizza man she was tied up, and mouthed the words: “Please call 9-1-1.”

As Turner was leaving, he wisely snagged the tag number off the car parked near the cabin, went to a neighbor’s home and did as the woman asked.  

Police arrived shortly, arrested the man (it is unknown if he was able to eat any of the pizza) and took the woman to the hospital. 

As it turned out, the woman had been kidnapped and raped while jogging, and all by a man she knew rather well.

The man, David Jansen, asked her to check out his new car (actually a rental). When she came to look, he tied up the 24-year-old woman and drove her 200 miles to a cabin in Tennessee.

Sadly, the man was released on an $800,000 bond, which, I think, is far too low a price for a man who police say obviously had other acts he was prepared to perform (by evidence at the scene of the crime) of a more permanent nature.

This story does, however, have a happy ending. The woman and her husband stopped by the pizza shop and thanked the heroic pizza man for his swift and brave actions, and probably bought a pizza, too.

Rob @ June 7, 2009

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