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Plaxico put under lock and key

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Plaxico Burress is famous for a lot of things.  

Years ago, he was a sports hero, the slayer of a dynasty.  His game winning touchdown reception allowed for perhaps the greatest upset in recent sports history.  The catch prevented the Patriots from completing their quest for perfection, joining the Dolphins as the only teams to ever go undefeated, and even surpassing them by having a longer schedule and a much stronger group of teams to compete against.

After his heroics, Plaxico rode the wave of fame and went into Giants lore as a god.

It seems even gods don’t know all the details about concealed weapons permits in every state, especially New York, the state with the strictest gun control laws in the country.

Plaxico was arrested on gun charges after a concealed pistol he was carrying slipped from his waist and fired, hitting him in the leg and narrowly missing another person.  After a brief attempt at playing off the “victimless crime” angle, saying only he was hurt by his own stupidity, the New York prosecutor decided it was time to make an example of someone violating the gun control laws and set the bar at a minimum two-year prison sentence for Plaxico Burress.

After exhausting his options, Plaxico agreed to the plea bargain and was sentenced to two years in prison, with a minimum of 20 months with credit and good behavior.  

Some may say he was treated unfairly for his crime and punished too severely.

If you are dumb enough to shoot yourself in a night club with your own gun, you deserve to be locked up until you understand that the difference between this victimless crime and manslaughter is simple the angle at which the gun fell from the waist.

Rob @ September 22, 2009

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