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Sorry girls, Jo Bro’s engaged

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Little girls all over the world mourned on Wednesday when the heard the new: Kevin Jonas is engaged.

Jonas, 21, is the eldest of the Jo Bro clan and proposed to his girlfriend, 22-year-old Danielle Deleasa, after a Jonas Brothers concert in Vancouver.

“It was tough performing last night, knowing that I was going to ask the biggest question in my life to the most amazing girl in the world,” Jonas told People.


What’s even more precious is that now he can replace his purity ring with a wedding ring. All of the brothers have been very adamant about their purity rings, which they wear proudly on their wedding fingers. The rings represent their commitment to abstain from having sex before marriage.

Jonas and Deleasa met in the Bahamas. Now two years after they met, Jonas flew to her house in New Jersey and appeared on her doorstep with a ring in hand.

Super precious.

Now the millions of Jo Bro fans will have to dedicate their heart-throbbing to one of the remaining brothers: Nick or Joe. Kevin’s two younger brothers have on-again-off-again relationships but Kevin is the only one who’s “put a ring on it.”

The couple has yet to set a date, but it seems like everyone’s pretty excited about it. Mr. and Mrs. Jonas are “filled with joy” over the engagement.

Kevin Jonas told the Associated Press that his girlfriend’s (now fiance) response was “yes, yes, yes like 500 times super fast in a row.”

Oh so precious.

Sorry girls! It looks like this one’s got the ball and chain.

andrea @ July 3, 2009

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