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Tebow rocked as Florida rolls

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Since the University of Florida vs. University of Tennessee game, the Southeastern Conference has been buzzing with all sorts of trash talk with information spiraling through the sports news world about the number one team in the nation.  

Coach Urban Meyer said his Gators were suffering from a flu bug that has ravaged several players on the team, keeping many out of practice and limiting the play time of others playing with fevers.  

Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin and many Gator-Nation haters have jumped on the bandwagon saying Florida was exposed as being vulnerable, and the “excuse” Urban gave to the press was nothing more than a cheap way to say his team was playing poorly.

Then came Saturday in Lexington Kentucky, with the Gators playing with several more players suffering from various bugs affecting either respiratory and/or gastrointestinal systems.  Many wondered if Tebow would be on the field after having to take a separate flight to Kentucky from contracting a bug himself.

Tebow indeed was on field and played like the bug decided to take a break and let the “Football Jesus” make the University of Kentucky look like the Red Sea as he split between their defenders and lead the Gators to a huge 31-0 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Then the unthinkable happened with the Gators deep in the Kentucky territory and threatening to score.

Tebow wassackedhard, and as he fell, his head smashed against the knee of his offensive lineman, whipping his head forward and leaving him laying on the field unconscious.  After a few minutes, he was able to rise and be assisted off the field and was taken to the hospital, diagnosed with a concussion.

What this will mean to the Gators is unknown.  The Gators lucked out and have a bye week next week before they play LSU.

Tebow is the kind of player that does everything in his power, with a little divine intervention, to make sure he’s ready to rock and roll in two weeks.  The injury has simply added another dimension to upcoming showdown in Louisiana.

Rob @ September 28, 2009

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