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SEC championship shaping up

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The University of Florida has been in the news a lot recently with Tim Tebow’s health in question.  After suffering a mild concussion where Tebow was sacked hard two weeks ago at Kentucky, the sports world has been getting updated two to three times a day on Tebow’s status and whether or not he would be able to play in the biggest road game of the season: Gators vs. the LSU Tigers.

There were people who criticized Urban Meyer about his decision to play Tebow even after he was medically cleared.  A concussion, while it is no joke and should be taken seriously, is a highly misunderstood injury.  While it is debilitating at the start, the severity of the concussion really determines the kind of downtime an athlete will have, and the response of the doctors also plays a huge role in the recovery process.  Tebow received probably more attention than any other athlete with his concussion and aided in his complete recovery.

That said, the Gators did protect Tebow during the grind-out 13-3 win they had over LSU Saturday night.  The Gators started slow, obviously giving Tebow some time to adjust to the game again after having sat out for a seven to nine day stretch.  But once he got back into the rhythm, the smash-mouth Tebow running style came out of the bag of tricks.  After a few plays of hesitancy, one could see him settle in and get comfortable, and LSU didn’t have a chance against the Florida defense.

The SEC championship game is shaping up to be a rematch of last year, with both the East and West’s undefeated juggernauts on a collision course for their spot in the BCS National Championship.  The Florida Gators vs. the Alabama Crimson Tide is in many ways becoming the national championship, with little doubt that the winner of the contest will go on to claim it all.

Rob @ October 11, 2009

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