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Tiger’s not doing grrrrrreat

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Tiger Woods was a name that evoked images of gold and glitter.  He was a force stronger than a hurricane, capable of knocking down an entire field of play.  He had the precision of a Navy SEAL with a sniper rifle that shot golf balls into the cup with uncanny accuracy.

Then Tiger Woods succumbed to a knee injury and has yet to be the same.  

The Florida resident has been downgraded into a tropical depression, playing his most inconsistent games and suffering frustrating spurts of inability since before he became a pro, and even worse at times than after his father died.  

The frustrating part of Tiger’s game now is his inconsistency and lack of composure when he needs it the most.  He has played strong games only to collapse half way through a round, or have a very off day on specific techniques from just hitting the ball or struggling with puts.

At the British Open though, there were no issues with his game.  Tiger could not follow through.  He started strong only to collapse and never recover.  Even with the odds stacked against him, he played as hard as he could, even with his problems in execution, and at least finished all he could prior to missing the cut, but that’s like telling a child he’s done a good job after putting his underwear on his face: you can throw effort all you want at something, but in the end, the results are all that you are remembered by.

If Tiger can swing back into his game, like most believe he will, this will be remembered as nothing more than a time of troubles for Tiger in his climb back to PGA domination.  And that is a good thing for golf and what everyone is hoping for because without Tiger Woods’s allure, the PGA’s luster greatly tarnishes.

Rob @ July 19, 2009

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