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Will Bing bomb?

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Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, seems to have its act in order with travel, local and health information. Let’s not forget to mention its new snazzy site layout, which definitely caters to a sleek, younger Web user. It’s self-described as a “decision engine,” designed to give searchers more options to narrow down their search.

According to the Times, Microsoft has been stuck behind Google and Yahoo! for years with a mere 8.2 percent of Web searches compared to Google’s 64.2 percent and Yahoo!’s 20.4 percent. The question remains if this transformation of Live Search will be enough to attract a significant amount of converts.

The reviews are mixed. According to Reuters, Bing is attracting “window shoppers, not converts” and although people are trying the new engine, they’re not ready to give up quite yet on Google. The Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft has seen an 8 percent increase in paid clicks (advertisement clicks) within the first week.

At the end of Bing’s first week, it still faces the task of weaning many Americans off of their Google addiction and racing ahead. Many analysts are skeptical of it ever reaching the heights of Google, seeing as all Macs and Firefox Internet explorers come with an automatic Google toolbar. (Even BlackBerrys come with Google search and Google maps.)

Microsoft has spent millions of dollars on this and will be spending even more with advertising. Could this be worth all the money and time, or should Billy just give up? Third place isn’t too bad, right?

andrea @ June 16, 2009

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