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Wilson’s War (of words)

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Obama has been tested recently on a variety of fronts, but the main headline that has wrapped up his administration is the health care debate.  

What was once a good idea to liberals and fans of big government meddling into the private affairs of citizens has now turned taboo, with many of the former supporters jumping ship.  The proposal for health care reform has lost plenty of steam over the last several months, calling on Obama and the few liberals still in cahoots with the President over his plan to host a variety of town-hall meetings to discuss the details, or lack there of.  

What was once a keystone for Obama in his election campaign can now be best summed up as “Obama’s health plan woes.”

Prior to Obama’s speech this week, the major headline came from a Senator who proposed fines for those without health insurance, ranging from $950 for single citizens up to $3,800 for families depending on income.  Even though Obama had said in the past that he opposes fining citizens for opting to not carry coverage, there is much talk about the necessity for such a thing to cover the tremendous financial burden that Obama’s plans will add to the national debt.

That brings us to Rep. Joe Wilson and his “You Lie!” outburst during Obama’s speech on  health care Wednesday night.  Wilson has been a proponent of small government since his election to Congress in 2001, and the last time he was in the headlines was during his verbal assault waged on John Kerry over comments on the Vietnam War.  Wilson has four sons that serve in the U.S. military.

Wilson deserves some credit.  It was a rare moment in politics: someone was honest.

Rob @ September 10, 2009

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