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Women’s tennis now for the warthog reborn

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Anyone that has watched the Wimbledon this year will notice a few things.  One, there are a few unexpected names that made the list and are doing well.  The Williams’ sisters are still in it with no expected upsets…yet.  The women seem to get pretty tired in longer sets, seemingly unconditioned for the longer matches.

And there is a cacophony of noise that puts even the best of car audio systems to the shame.

There are only a few times that come to mind when female grunting is justifiable.  Throwing out a big bag of trash, moving the furniture in some midday feng shui, and picking the kiddies up from school are some that come to mind, but not in the process of a tennis game.

There is no need for someone to roar nearly as loud as a lion on each backhand.  The men, of course more aggressively designed by gender, don’t have the same problems.  The women snarl and grunt like plow horses ripping up soil.  And with how many do it, it seems to get into the biggest show in tennis, one must have a degree in Wimbledon Women’s Grunting.

Not only is it unnecessary, grunting may be considered cheating.

Players not prone to these animalistic tendencies are complaining to the Wimbledon officials that not only is the grunting a loud and unnecessary action, but it is also a distraction with how loud the grunts have become.  The younger players, in general, grunt louder and more often than the older grunters.  Some even claim it to be part of their game.  But according to the rulebook and any training program for tennis, I don’t see grunting on the list of skills to practice.

Tennis does, however, have a rule that may come into play in regard to this grunting fiasco.

The rules of the game state, “If the player is hindered on the point by a deliberate act of the opponent, the player shall win the point.”

It is up to the umpire to make the call.  Hopefully, and for the well-being of all our ears, an end will be put to this.

Rob @ June 24, 2009

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