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  1. Brittani October 15, 2009 @ 11:40 am

    Personally i don’t think this whole situation is right. I think that she should in fact be charged as an adult regardless of her age. She killed a human being. People look at it like she was just a homeless person, but Melissa is still human. Jordan should have been paying attention to the road not the cd player and her cd’s, if she was paying more attention this would have never happend. In drivers ed you learn to pay attention to the road not fiddling with cd players and cd’s. Regardless if she was 16 at the time what the hell did 22 minutes of jail time teach her? Nothing that’s right! I don’t care if she is a straight A student and has earned a full year scholarship, that shouldn’t matter in the situation. Her parents think that her grades and schooling matter over the situation, but honestly they should be more concerned that their precious daughter killed a human being. Why didn’t she stop. I guarantee that if she stopped that maybe the whole situation wouldn’t be this bad. She should have stopped to make sure Melissa was alright. Was speeding involved? I don’t care if she panicked Jordan should have stopped. I think she deserves more than just loosing her license and community service. You hear about a lot of people getting away with things now a days, and one of the reasons is; is that they were rich, they do honestly get away with a lot of things, and awe be damn if Jordan should get away with it. I mean her ticket got dropped which was completely BS. I honestly think that they should raise the permit and driver’s license age. I mean I was reading the tbt and their was a girl that decided to skip school and she was texting on her cell phone and not paying attention and ran into the back of a squad car. For god sakes she got a hell of a lot more punishment for that but wait she wasn’t rich and didn’t kill anyone! She got her little ticket and got sent back to school plus more. Jordan should be tried as an adult. This situation just pisses me off. If it were someone less off in her shoes then they would have be sent to jail, tried as an adult and facing the time they deserve.

17-year-old charged as adult in hit-and-run

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I’ll admit it. I hit an armadillo last week while I was…texting. I know, I know. Bad idea. “It could have been a person,” I thought. Until I looked in the mirror to see what it was.

Still, the remainder of the night I continued to think about, “What if it had been a person?” What would I have done? What if that person would have died?

Yes, I would have turned around. Yes, I would have been incredibly freaked out. And no, I don’t typically dream of vehicular homicide. My brain has been on Jordan Valdez, 17, who was involved in a hit and run on Feb. 8.

According to a story in the Tampa Bay Times, Valdez is a Tampa area high school student who lives on Davis Island (a ridiculously upper-class neighborhood). On Thursday, she was booked into jail.

The night of the incident, Valdez was coming home from cheerleading practice, was messing with her radio and CD’s, and fatally hit a homeless woman named Melissa Sjostrom, 33. She was 16 years old when this all happened.

So, she gets home and decides not to tell anyone for a while. Of course, the parents end up finding out, followed by the area police. “Based on the nature of the crime” Valdez was tried as an adult at 17.

The maximum sentence is 30 years. She’s obviously not going to get that.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, she was in jail for 22 minutes. Her attorney, Ty Trayner, said she won’t face jail time if she accepts a plea bargain.

For someone being “tried as an adult” this unknown plea bargain with no jail time seems a bit out of place. It has me wondering, What’s making the judgment so soft? It could be the fact that she’s still a child, the fact that the woman was homeless, the fact that Valdez is rich or maybe something I’m completely missing.

What do you think? Should age and status have as much pull on a judge’s decision as it does?

andrea @ July 12, 2009

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