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Little Lady Liberty decapitated on YouTube

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A 200-pound copy of the Lady Liberty was stolen less than a month ago from a coffee shop in Brooklyn called Vox Pop. The same statue just resurfaced, this time, on YouTube in a disturbing video that shows someone decapitating her blindfolded head, and smashing the side of her face in with a metal ball bat.

The video is indeed disturbing, as one article covering this ridiculous event found on AOL News makes it a point to say. It’s also a reminder of the terrorist videos sent a few years back, which always brings Nick Berg back into my mind and the horrific scene of his decapitation via knife broadcast for the world to see thanks to the wonderful World Wide Web, as this latest video has done.

Besides the decapitation via buzzsaw and baseball bat, also flashed on the screen at different times are the slogans, “We don’t want your freedom” and “Death to America.”

How perfect for just after the Fourth of July.

Of course, the video was e-mailed anonymously to the Daily News and the operator of the coffee shop from where it was stolen, as reported by AOL News.

So, who could have done something like this? Well, two possibilities come to my mind. It was either some radical Islamic supporters or some dumb kids wanting to make a video that would usher in some mega fuss, which is has. Who knows.

What is known, however, is that anti-America sentiment, whether viciously intended or made for mockery, exists in the land of the free and home of the brave. We can all just hope it doesn’t escalate past YouTube.

Brittany @ July 11, 2009

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