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Are new NCAA rules a waste?

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There’s a couple of new NCAA rules that have been recently approved by the NCAA’s Board of Directors that will start in the fall. The NCAA, NBA, NBAPA and National Association of Basketball Coaches have worked, and continue to work on new regulations for the NCAA including:

  • NBA tryouts have been moved up to April 30th,
  • early entrants must withdraw from the draft by May 8th (instead of June 15)
  • and the season will begin a week earlier.

These have supposedly been enacted to help returning college students maintain academic eligibility. But, most colleges that I know are out by May 8th so what’s the point?  It’s a great idea but it’s probably not a bad idea to just encourage student athletes to maintain good grades throughout their college career.

It should be interesting to see if this does, in fact, encourage students or just put more stress on them.

andrea @ May 2, 2009

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