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Bacteria great for kids

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For years parents have been telling their kids that bacteria and germs are terrible, often educating kids about avoiding dirty places where bacteria is prevalent, and washing hands with anti-bacterial soap.  While these are generally smart and safe recommendations, teaching a child that all bacteria are bad may be detrimental to their well being, especially if the parent believes the same.

Our bodies require certain types of bacteria in order to function properly.  There are various colonies and subtypes of bacteria, like acidophilus, that line our intestinal tracks as well as all of our wetwork piping. This makes it important to distinguish between the good and the bad.  

Bad bacteria can cause infections and lead to sickness, but a lack of good bacteria can cause bodily dysfunction, which can also lead to the same.

Good bacteria are more commonly known as probiotic bacteria, and are found in all dairy products.  Several yogurt brands now feature higher levels of probiotics for digestive health.  What many don’t understand is a highly efficient and functional digestive system not only helps with keeping nutrient flow proper and food digestion optimal, but it can boost the immune system.  Proper replenishment of these bacterial colonies is essential following sickness, cleansing programs and anti-biotic treatments.

Children as young as 3 to 5 years of age also benefit from probiotic supplementation, according to a health report, leading to less chance of sickness.  The results are similar in children as many clinical studies have found in grown adults: proper nutrition from all macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and maintenance of the healthy bacterial flora that aid in our bodily function help reinforce our health.

Rob @ July 29, 2009

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