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Cure for Breast Cancer

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Your doctor told you to expect a call with the biopsy results. You’ve been waiting for the results all day. The phone finally rings and you hear the worst.

“You have breast cancer.”

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be a death sentence, especially with this latest discovery.

Millions of dollars have been donated to find the cure for cancer through great organizations like Relay for Life. Yet, for a while there it seemed like the cure was nowhere in sight. That is, until now.

Scientists from the University of Chicago recently found a vitamin A formula, which has been shown to regulate overactive cells characteristic of cancer. This new formula is created from a vitamin A derivative called retinoic acid and has been shown to curb the growth of breast cancer cells.

Two out of the three forms of breast cancer are caused by estrogen levels overtaking some genes and causing cellular malignancy and proliferation, according to Natural News. This new retinoic acid complex has the same ability to alter genes but in a more positive way by “balancing the cells and prohibiting growth.”

Considering this is a new discovery, specific medications may not be immediately available to you. In the future, though, we should expect to see great things coming with this discovery. Scientists are also studying the use of vitamin D for breast cancer. Natural News also reported that this vitamin may be able to keep breast cells growing at the proper rate.

Hopefully, before we know it there will be a cure.

andrea @ July 29, 2009

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