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Bill Gates has too many friends

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Facebook supports athletes and movie stars with their fan groups and friends who hang on every word, and every update from their favorite stars.  Within minutes of an update from Dwight Howard on his Facebook page or his twitter feed, hundreds of comments pour into the Web stream.  It’s crazy the kind of attention we spend on people who don’t really (or shouldn’t) matter a whole lot outside their sport.  But everyone’s got fans.

Even Bill Gates who was forced to give up Facebook because he had too many friends.

He tried it out and got annoyed not being able to figure out and sort through who he really knew and who he cared to be friends with, eventually sitting at his 1000" monitor and wiggling his fingers at it in frustration, causing the Internet to cower in fear of the Wizard Gates and his blue screen of death spell.

In reality, our society idolizes everyone for pretty much anything.  Even the King of Geeks has an army of digital followers willing to pretend to care about the guy simply for who he is.  

Bill Gates in some ways is very deserving of the attention.  After all, he was the driving force in technology throughout the world, as can be seen by how dominating Windows has become in every office and home, far surpassing the Apple and Linux alternatives.

But even if I can respect the man for what he did to help push technology forward, I don't know if I'd openly admit to being a Facebook friend of the Microsoft Man.

Rob @ July 26, 2009

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