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“Sprite ad” banned, what a joke

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First the news came that Coca-Cola put a ban on a recent ad for one of its products, Sprite, due to explicit content.

Then Coca-Cola freaked and blew a cap (no pun intended, especially if you’ve seen the video), and for understandable reason, and now the blame’s being directed at a director, a New York City-based filmmaker by the name of Max Isaacson. Apparently, Isaacson put the almost 30-second video together all on his own, with absolutely no association with Sprite or Coke, well, just for fun.

Fun really did a flip on this one, as just about everybody and (especially) their mother is up in arms over it. (If you still haven’t seen it for yourself, just go ahead and get it over with and watch it before going another word further. All of my silly innuendos and poor attempts at joking about this thing will make more sense. You know YouTube will have something on it. Go now!)

I honestly don’t know what everyone’s getting their panties (if they’re even being worn anymore) in a bunch about. Obviously this thing would never actually go on public television, again, obviously. I just can’t see why anyone believed in the first place, as so many apparently did, that this was even for real as a piece of advertising.

Just goes to show that once the media, especially that wondrous branch known as the Internet, gets involved in something like this, it just takes off, and all truth, all rationally blows on by with it (again, no pun intended…okay, maybe just a little bit).

I personally find the video to be, well, funny (just don’t tell my mother), if you really want to know. If people would just get their heads out of their behinds for a minute and loosen up, maybe we’d all enjoy ourselves just a little bit more.

Brittany @ July 26, 2009

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