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Billy Mays Oxi-cleaned his last carpet

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Billy Mays, the man known for his loud yelling and for being an infomercial extraordinaire, was found dead in his Florida home.  

In a week when celebrities have seemed to drop like flies, the infomercial king can now add his name to the list of casualties for June.  Many may have considered him obnoxious, but watching him on the Discovery Channel’s latest reality series Pitchmen, and his general demeanor to the public showed him to be a rather friendly guy and one hell of a salesman.

He was found dead early Sunday morning by his wife.  Authorities don’t believe foul play was involved and there is no evidence showing there was any break in or struggle.  An autopsy will be performed and completed by late Monday, hopefully to shed some light on cause of death sooner than later.

Billy Mays was best known for his Oxi-Clean and Orange Glow infomercials, but also promoted several other products and was regarded as an ‘as seen on TV’ hired gun.  He started off selling wares at the state fair and eventually worked his way up the corporate food chain, selling his way to fame.

His latest endeavor was on the show “Pitchmen” where a crew followed him and Andrew Sullivan around on their marketing endeavors.  He’s also been used for ESPN’s advertising, especially during the NBA playoffs.

Billy Mays was 50 when he died.

Rob @ June 30, 2009

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