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King of sedation

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Michael Jackson’s had a turbulent history with all the publicity on his plastic surgery (and all the details about how horrible too much plastic surgery can be), the fiasco that was the release of Invincible, the child molestation charges that tarnished his reputation, and the bankruptcy and foreclosure on his precious Neverland Ranch.  He laid low for several years and was about to step back into the public’s eye until he met an untimely death at what was said to be cardiac arrest.

New information has come to light about his possible issues with sedatives for insomnia.  

His nutritional counselor and attending nurse were repeatedly asked by Jackson for the powerful sedative, Diprivan, to help him sleep.  His nurse adamantly denied him the drug, citing the serious negative health consequences he would experience while on it.  Even with his insistence, she remained firm in her decision not to supply the star with the drug.

Then a phone call came from Jackson’s staff on June 21.  M.J. was complaining that half of his body was burning up, while the other half was extremely cold, giving the nurse reasonable suspicion that Michael Jackson had somehow obtained the sedative outside of her supervision.  She recommended that he go to the emergency room, given the evidence he was suffering extreme side effects of a central nervous system depressant.

Jackson did not go to the hospital and died on June 25, as the whole world well knows.  The autopsy and toxicology results in a few weeks will shed more light on the exact cause of death, but it seems things may not be as simple as cardiac arrest.

Rob @ July 1, 2009

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