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Brittany Spears always gives us more

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What is a month in the world of Britney Spears without more tabloid fodder? This time it’s not about her kids, her estranged ex-husband, running over people with her Mercedes, Starbucks or even a public fashion flop. Well, this is a fashion flop or sorts, but more of a professional kind.

During her latest video shoot for her song “Gimme More,” TMZ got its hands on several ‘additional’ shots taken where Spears quite clearly displays her maternally enhanced cleavage, with some interesting makeup and pasty additions.

I guess we all hoped Britney had transcended into a higher moral plane, but let’s get real. This is Britney Spears we’re talking about here; the same Britney Spears who has been photographed getting out of a car, legs spread, displaying her ‘goods’ for the world to see (and the world did see…several times); the same Ms. Spears who performed at an MTV Music Awards show wearing something even Lady Gaga would have second guessed, with the most lackluster, confusing and disturbing display of her comeback intentions.

Since then, Spears has made some proper choices after Daddy took over her life, but once again, the old saying stays true: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and as far as her career is concerned, once you have kids in the pop world (if they aren’t adopted from Africa or traded for an iPod), you’re on the downhill slide to a place where not even making out with a senile Madonna will bring you back.

Rob @ June 10, 2009

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