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Federer conquers the Illusive One

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Roger Federer can finally say that he has won them all. With his victory in straight sets over Robin Soderling at the French Open, he has collected his career Grand Slam and number 14 Grand-Slam title, tying Pete Sampras and cementing himself in tennis lore as one of the greatest, with the potential to be unanimously the best.

Over the years, Federer has been plagued by one of the best nemesis rivalries in any sport. Federer was the number two player on the clay. Rafael Nadal was the best. Nadal and Federer matching up in the French Open final was like tradition the last several years, just Nadal always had an edge on the clay surface Federer seemed to lack.

But Nadal is on the decline. Federer may be too, but he’s not quite there yet. Federer has struggled the last year, and did again at the French Open, but once Soderling took down Nadal, the Yellow Brick Road lit up for Federer, as did the tremendous pressure placed upon his shoulders to finally win one in France. 

Round after round, Federer played his heart out, getting his fair share of close calls along the way, but ultimately he made it to the final battlefield where he put on his best performance (even with a fan rushing the court during the match).

Federer has always been a class act. Nice guys usually finish last, but it’s refreshing to see that one of them made it. Congratulations Federer.

Rob @ June 10, 2009

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